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Run4Recovery 2023 will mark its 16th year saving lives. This year on the “Ride to Save Lives” our team will be honoring the facilities and hospitals who help the most vulnerable individuals recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. Through the Puente House Foundation we are able to raise money for the sober living scholarship fund. Sober living homes provide housing, beds, food, and spiritual as well as emotional support to their residents. This year’s endurance challenge, we will attempt to ride 800 miles from Reno, NV back home to Covina, CA as a way to raise awareness and save lives through the money we raise on the way.

As the “opioid crisis” continues to claim lives in record numbers, there has never been a greater need for basic recovery services. In 2021 alone, 12,000 people in California lost their lives to an opioid overdose. Run 4 Recovery scholarships mean the difference between living or dying to a person beginning their recovery journey. Will you help us save lives this year? With your help we can provide more scholarships than we have ever before. Please, join us in our efforts.

Thank You,
Robin McGeough

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