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In 2021, we will journey 1, 143 miles from Portland, Oregon to Covina, California, riding Ellipitgo bikes for approximately half of this distance. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the fight for recovery from addiction is greater than ever. Addiction affects all walks of life and socio-economic groups, it does not respect race, color, sexual identity, age or gender. Addiction affects every area of the individual's life. Addiction related death, alcoholics/addicts are dying in record numbers as our current healthcare crisis has cut many "newcomers" off from life saving face to face social interaction from others in recovery. As a recovering addict who lived on the streets for years and now with 29 years clean/sober time I understand the challenges those new to recovery face and the indispensable basic necessity of a safe sober community. Safe Sober Housing for those in need is my message.

Thank you for your support.
Robin McGeough